Smith & Wesson Swat Knives

September 15, 2013

The Smith & Wesson line of SWAT knives is especially designed and manufactured for use by SWAT and military teams.  They are exceedingly durable, sturdy, and lightweight.  In addition, they are able to handle the job for which they are made.


Here are some of the SWAT series knives developed by Smith and Wesson that have earned favor from customers and collectors.Smith & Wesson SWATM Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife


Smith & Wesson SWATM Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife


Many customers and reviewers gave this item a rating of 4.9 stars.  It is good value for money at $30.47, which includes free shipping.  The 3.2” spear point blade is made of 4034 stainless steel and is fitted with a 4.3” aluminium handle.  The overall length is 7.5” and is only 4.3” long when closed.


The knife is lightweight and fits comfortably in your pocket. It is sharp out of the box and stays sharp for a long time.  It is suitable for hunting, fishing, or for any day-to-day use. 

Smith & Wesson SWATMbs Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife

Smith & Wesson SWATMB Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife


A great knife, this item is rated 4.2 stars by users, and they are well pleased with  it.  It has an assisted opening folder which measures 7.5” overall and 4.21” closed. It is only 3.5 ounces in weight and is easy to carry in your pocket.  It has a  3.2”, plain-edge, black coated blade that is made of 4034 stainless steel.


The knife is razor sharp right out of the box and keeps its sharpness for a long time.  It is fitted with an aluminum handle that is 4.3” long and has thumb knob finger actuator liner and dual locking mechanism.  When you flick open the knife, the first lock holds the blade in place and the second lock prevents the blade from moving. The knife’s textured metal grip prevents slipping even with wet hands.


It is one of the better knives in the market, and it is priced at $27.93 which includes free shipping. 

 Smith & Wesson SWATMbs Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife

Smith & Wesson SWATMBS SWAT medium Serrated Assisted Opening Knife, Black


This high-quality knife is rated 4.5 stars by users and reviewers alike.  It has a 3.15” blade that is made of coated stainless steel. In addition, it also has a spear point that complements the serrated blade. The handle is black aluminum with inserts that gives the knife a great grip even when handled with wet or greasy hands.  For easy transport, it comes with a pocket clip.


Another great feature of this knife is the locking system that is simple but effective at the same time.  To open you have two options.  You can use the thumb stud on the blade or pull the small lever on the back with your index finger.


The knife is priced at $28.95 including free shipping.

Smith & Wesson SWATslbs Swat Medium Assisted Opening Knife

Smith & Wesson SWATLBS Large Serrated Assisted Opening Knife, Black


This tough and rugged knife is rated 4.2 stars by customers.  The serrated blade is 3.7” long and with its 4.8” aluminium handle, it measures 8.5” overall. The drop point blade design ensures a strong knife with a lot of control.  In addition, it is made of high quality 4034 stainless steel with an out of the box sharpness that can withstand long hard use.


The handle is made of black aluminum and fitted with black rubber inserts that provide a very good gripping surface.  Another feature that selective users like a lot is the S&W’s MAGIC Assisted-Opening System with thumb knob finger actuator liner and safety lock.  The opening system allows fast opening, while the liner and safety lock  keep the knife from opening in your pocket.


This excellent knife is priced at  $28.50 including free shipping.


Smith And Wesson HRT Knives

September 3, 2013

HRT  is an acronym that stands for Hostage Rescue Team.  A Hostage Rescue Team was established by the FBI in 1983 to rescue American citizens and allies who are held hostages by enemy forces.  HRTs are highly trained to respond to extremely sensitive and dangerous situations.

 Smith And Wesson HRT Knives

The Smith & Wesson HRT knives have been manufactured keeping in mind the Hostage Rescue Team’s need for high quality blades.  They  are especially designed so that they can be deployed quickly and smoothly when necessary. 


They are available in a variety of designs such as fixed blades and folders all made from high-quality materials.  Below are some of the S&W HRT knives that  you can purchase from your favorite outlets.

 Smith And Wesson HRT Knives boot

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife


Rated 4.5 stars, this knife is made of 440C stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.  The double-edged spear point blade is 4.74” long  and is fitted with a Teflon-coated steel handle that  is 4.1” in length.  It weighs a lightweight 7.7 ounces.  The leather boot sheath comes with a strong pocket clip.


Customers say that it is a good defense knife, well-balanced, and great for throwing.  It comes already sharpened and ready to use.  It is affordable at $14.88 with free shipping on orders over $25.


Smith & Wesson SWHRTMG HRT Magnesium Rescue Knife


Rated 4.9 stars, this knife has a 3.62” blade, 8.12” overall length, and is only 4.4 ounces in weight.  The sharp pointed blade is made from high quality stainless steel, and fitted with a magnesium handle that has the strength of steel.

In addition, the handle has a full guard that allows fast blade deployment.  Once deployed the guard prevents the hands from sliding forward. 


A sheath with belt clip is included.  At a sale price of $14.03, this knife is good value for money.

Smith And Wesson HRT Knives military boot knife

Smith & Wesson SWHRT3BF HRT False Edge Military Boot Knife


Customers have given this knife a 4.3-star rating.  The 3.5”  black coated blade has a false top edge spear point and is made of  7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel.  With the rubberized aluminium handle, the overall length is 7.5” and weighs 5.6 ounces. 


The knife comes with a black, rubber boot clip sheath and a chain, that is great if you want to carry the knife around your neck.  It is very durable and can withstand a lot of hard use.  It is an excellent bargain at $14.88.

 Smith And Wesson HRT Knives tactical boot

Smith & Wesson SWHRT1 HRT Tactical Boot Knife


Rated 4.4 stars, this tactical knife is recommended by many users and collectors alike, who are quite satisfied with it.  It is not too long, with an overall length of 8”.  The plain edge, wharmcliffe blade is made from 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel with an ABS boot clip sheath. Customers all agree that it is an extremely well-made knife. 


The knife has full tang, thumb gimping on the spine, and deep finger choil to protect your hand from slipping on to the blade when doing some thrusting or slashing cuts.  It is reasonably priced at $24.19 with free shipping on orders over $25.

 Smith And Wesson HRT Knives military boot knife

Smith & Wesson SWHRT3 HRT Military Boot Knife


This knife is rated 4 stars and is priced at $16.99 with free shipping on orders over $25.  It is sturdy, durable, and very dependable during self-defense situations.  Users and collectors like the double edged, out of the box sharp blade that is made from high quality stainless steel. 


The knife has a full tang, black rubber handle that feels good in the hands.  The grip is designed such that the knife does not slip even with sweaty hands.  It comes with a boot sheath that is totally waterproof.  The knife is also good for ladies who want to have a self-defense weapon when needed.


Smith & Wesson Knives Extreme Ops

August 16, 2013

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Black Coated Tanto Pocket Knife 1Extreme ops knives fall under the tactical knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson. These knives provide a great insurance for unexpected moments in life. These knives can provide security when needed but are heavily used for outdoor purposes such as camping and hunting. The Extreme Ops ranges of knives are a much cooler edition of pocket knives crafted by Smith & Wesson. They come in different style and handle and are quite appealing.


Types of Extreme Ops


Smith & Wesson have a different range of knives under their extreme ops tag. These knives are very portable and light making them easy to use. Extreme Ops range of knives by Smith & Wesson take the idea of a pocket knife to the next level, the build of these knives are of its own kind as they are made to survive and for use in the toughest of conditions.

 Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives extreme ops

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops 7 Pocket knife


This is the bestseller of the series and very popular  Smith & Wesson Knives Extreme Ops. This is a powerful single blade knife which is quite sleek. It contains a 440S stainless steel blade which is razor sharp, the blade is black coated with Teflon for a more refined appearance with a black polymer handle making it durable in the toughest of conditions.


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops KarambitSmith & Wesson Extreme Ops Karambit


The Karambit consists of a 3 inch stainless steel blade and has a belt clip so it can easily be clipped to your pants. It has an ambidextrous thumbstud karambit folder and the blade folds into the handle making it handy. There is an inner lock in the handle so the blade does not slip out on its own.


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops AluminumSmith & Wesson Extreme Ops Aluminum


This knife appeals to the younger generation and comes with a colorful handle made in aluminum blue. It consists of a 3.22 inch plain blade making it useful for just about any type of cutting use. The knife opened up comes to about 7 inches making it fall under the pocket knife category.


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Liner_Lock_Black_Blade_G-10_Handle_SerratedSmith & Wesson Extreme Ops, Black Blade Combo


This is the smallest of the pocket knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson. It has a 3 inch serrated blade of 440C stainless steel which is non-stick coated. It easily fits into any hand size as the handle makes up for the small blade. The handle is a comfortable G10 and provides proper grip for precision use.


Similar to the other kinds of knives made by Smith & Wesson their Extreme Ops model is growing to be popular with knife holders. It is not a knife you would normally keep in a collection as the design and the knives are made to be used for everyday use but collectors are attracted to them due to the craftsmanship used to build the blade.


Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives

July 30, 2013

Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives 1.Pocket knives have been quite popular and useful due to their small size they can fit almost anywhere. Pocket knives can be used for several of reasons from camping, fishing, opening boxes or letters, first-aid, to protection. Pocket knives have become quite handy and popular also due to the various uses of them and their portability.  Smith & Wesson have been manufacturing knives since the mid to late 1800s and have specialized in pocket knives. The variety of pocket knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson makes them appealing to everyone. They offer both folding and normal straight knives so clients can purchase them to their own taste.

Pocket knives are quite popular with men and at times can be a way associated with manliness. Similar to arms, pocket knives can be used for self-defense and appeal to the man in everyone. Smith & Wesson takes this into consideration and crafts their pocket knives to appeal to men of all regions. These pocket knives are crafted to perfection and are durable making them the choice of many. The design of these knives appeal to everyone’s eyes the knives are offered in different style and colors. Along with the blade of the knife the handle really makes a good pocket knife and Smith & Wesson handles are made keeping this in mind giving its user the proper grip so they can cut with the precision and accuracy they require.

Types of Pocket Knives by Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson offer a variety of pocket knives depending on the user’s use of them. They offer both a single blade knife along with a tactical knife. Their single blade series pocket knives are for everyday normal use while the tactical knife is for more of survival use. Smith & Wesson offers different model to choose from in its series of pocket knives. Some of the different models offered by Smith & Wesson are:

  • Extreme OpsSmith & Wesson Pocket Knives extreme opsSmith & Wesson knives nilitary and police
  • Military and Police
  • Smith & Wesson knives First ResponseFirst Response
  • Smith & Wesson knives Search & RescueSearch & Rescue

Smith & Wesson have a clip lock in their pocket knives making sure that once locked the knife are secure and will not budge. Their knives come with a belt clip also so it can easily be attached to your pants for easy carry.

Quality Pocket Knives

Smith & Wesson produces the top of the line pocket knives. The blade of the knives is one of a kind as Smith & Wesson uses different range of stainless steel from 400 to 440C stainless steel. The handle of the knives also varies and can be purchased on one’s preference. Smith & Wesson offer aluminum handles along with rubber texturized handles. No matter which knife you buy the quality of the knife remains the same and will last for centuries. These knives are heavily used by law enforcement nationwide in the US and have to maintain quality in order to do so. The quality of these knives has also appealed to normal knife users and knife collectors making them the choice of many.

Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives bulls eye army green Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives 3 Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives main Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives 2

Smith & Wesson Automatic Knives

July 22, 2013

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAutomatic knives are known to be very stylish and are quite popular with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Automatic knives have been used for everyday activities along with self-defense. Taylor Brands manufacturers the Smith & Wesson cutlery along with the automatic knives such as S.W.A.T., Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, and Extreme Ops. Taylor Brands is known for its original and unique crafted design and blade. Smith & Wesson automatic knives live up to the hype of the stylish automatic knives and are quite popular with law enforcements also.


Automatic knives are simple to use and with one click of a button the blade comes out making them handy and portable at the same time they are also light-weight making them easy to carry. Smith & Wesson are known to build a very durable, high-quality, dual action knife conversions. They have incorporated a semi-covert firing button on a Kraton insert making their knives quite easy to handle. The knives are crafted to perfection and of excellent quality and a very reasonable price with no compromise on the build.

Smith & Wesson Automatic KnivesTypes of Automatic Knives


Smith & Wesson takes pride in the knives they make and the fact that their knives are used by both military personnel and law enforcements. The range of automatic knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson provides you with a variety of choice so you can buy the knife of your liking. There are different types of blades and handles these knives are manufactured with and used for different purposes.


The Military & Police automatic knife

 Smith & Wesson Automatic Knives 2

The Military & Police automatic knife is portable, just 3.38 inches, and durable as it is a steel tanto blade with an aluminum handle. There is different variety in the Military & Police automatic knife depending on what is required as far as the handle and blade goes, it can be purchased with a smooth blade or a serr blade. This particular model is used by law enforcement in the US.


SWAT Special Tactical Automatic Knife

 Smith & Wesson Automatic Knives 3

This automatic knife has a 3.25 inch satin plain blade which makes it easy to cut through things. It is an automatic conversion knife and the blade is a 440 stainless steel with a satin finish and a plain edge. It has a pocket clip with an aluminum handle. The blade of this knife is very sharp and can cut through the toughest of objects; it comes in handy for SWAT purposes and can even be used for close combat.

Twist Automatic Knife Drop Point Blade


This is one of the smaller knife model made by Smith & Wesson and contains a blade of only 2.5 inches. The blade on this knife is stainless steel with an aircraft aluminum handle and a pocket clip. This knife has a hidden release with a proper grip on the handle giving the user proper control of the knife.

Along with these knives Smith & Wesson also provides automatic knives for Extreme ops along with different variations on automatic knives that are mentioned above. 


Why buy Smith & Wesson Automatic Knives?

 Smith & Wesson knives HRT

The automatic knives manufactured by Smith & Wesson are easy to maintain and last a very long time due to the quality of the product, the quality of stainless steel used is of top notch and does not rust. Smith & Wesson takes pride in the automatic knife they make and that is why they are so popular and are being used nationwide by law enforcement along with huntsmen. The automatic knives crafted by Smith & Wesson are quality, utilitarian knives with various useful features without any useless add-ons. These knives are close to treasures for any knife collector with its sturdy built and beautiful craftsmanship, Smith & Wesson automatic knives are one of a kind.